Who’s Who

Debra Jenkins – see “About Me

Alan Jenkins – my husband of 28 years and my boyfriend of 32 years; commercial real estate developer; big-hearted giver; the first “Big Al” at the University of Alabama; and a rock and roll drummer extraordinare!

Emma Jenkins – our daughter; 24-year-old graduate of The University of Georgia; dancer, yoga instructor and owner of Rufus (best grand-dog in the world); my most favorite girl ever; Development Administrator at Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center and Project UP choreographer.

Austin Jenkins – our 21-year-old son; avid outdoorsman with mad hunting and fishing skills; amazing musician; collector of guitars, girlfriends and tattoos; world traveling booking agent for Parana Sunrise – http://www.paranasunrise.com/#!about-us/c23nh

Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center – 501 (c(3) non-profit organization founded by Alan and me in 2006; home to The Johnny Stallings Arts Program; place where all the magic happens.  Visit our website to learn more.

Hayley – co-founder and Artistic Director of The Johnny Stallings Arts Program; owner of Element Dance Studio; teacher, mentor and award-winning choreographer; Crimson Tide fanatic; brilliant girl who took my vision and created an amazing program of dance education.

Melissa – Program and Operations Director at Merrimack Hall; dance teacher, choreographer and organizer; lover of Bama and Ole Miss; adored teacher to over 100 children and adults with special needs.

Claire – Marketing Director at Merrimack Hall; singer in rock and roll bands and in community theatre productions; visual art instructor; Project UP teacher and woman with too many artistic skills to list.

Rachel – The Connection Director; War Eagle lover; specialist in communication disorders; cat obsessed lover of life; creator of an amazing day habilitation for adults with only my crazy ideas to guide her.

Katie – Volunteer Administrator at Merrimack Hall; photographer of weddings, blogs, other cool stuff and especially people with special needs; yoga teacher; proud parent to Allie, the best behaved dog at Merrimack Hall and Theo, a raucous puppy.

Maci – Box Office Administrator at Merrimack Hall; former stage manager at Disneyworld and expert on all things Disney; sister to Project UP’s Cami; our other War Eagle lover; able to do almost anything because she’s…a stage manager.

Stars of the Show – The Johnny Stallings Arts Program Students
Including:  Abbey, Anna C, Anna G, Bill, Carolyn, Connor, Darby, Eleanor, Katie, Kayla, Laura Beth, Noah, Robyn, Zach, Zahra
… who are featured in posts and are the teachers of life’s most important lessons.

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