2 thoughts on “My Response To A Mean Old Woman

  1. I think people of a variety of ages and levels of sophistication have never been exposed to persons with special needs. I was not surprised by the comment because there are still young doctors coming out of residency who tell parents “there’s nothing you can do but take them home and love them” which of course is wrong…there’s much one can do ages birth to 3 yrs old that will benefit the child and provide a foundation to build upon. Thank you for your story, I wish there was a way to find out what the closed minded people are reading to reach them. : )

    • Janet, maybe we can open hearts and minds a little bit at a time by telling our stories, mounting our shows and including people with special needs wherever we can. I do think we are getting somewhere – when I look at the hundreds of teenagers who volunteer with us, I see that this generation is more compassionate and open-minded than that wretched old woman!

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